Industrial real estate

In the industrial sector, we are active in the sale of land holdings and investments throughout Ontario. 

We offer a high level of expertise in developing strategy to add value to inner and middle suburban industrial holdings to realize the development potential in these properties for high-density mixed-use projects.

Our leasing team understands Ontari’s market and we have been providing quality advice to investors and developers since IPB’s Inception. IPB’s specialist leasing operatives provide advice that reflects supply and demand in the urban & rural areas, an awareness of major tenant requirements and a clear understanding of the key determinants of demand to develop a comprehensive leasing strategy.

Industrial Sales

  • Pre-sale advice, strategy, and recommendations
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sale on public domain
  • Sale by private agreement
  • Sale by expressions of interest

Industrial Leasing

  • Clear and to-the-point leasing strategy and advice
  • Leasing of individual properties, mixed-use developments and specialists properties
  • Pre-development advice
  • Tailored marketing strategies and promotion
  • Project leasing
  • Expert negotiation of lease terms
  • Regular client communication and progress report


Your Experienced Team

Azizali Kanjee

Azizali Kanjee

President / Broker of Record

Joe Motta

Joe Motta

VP Business Brokerage

Qasim K

Qasim K

VP Investments

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