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100s of people in Ontario have successfully used our unique approach to buy and sell their home with 0 hassle, 0 risk, and 0 sacrifices. Are you ready to find out how you can do the same?

Business Brokerage

Sell a business.  Buy a business. One of the leading brokers in Greater Toronto Area, IPB has the experience and integrity to help buyers and sellers achieve financial security.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether our client is a seller or buyer, lessor or lessee, we devise innovative strategies that provide opportunities for outcomes that exceed market norms. We deliver optimum results for our clients, whatever the assignment.

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Azizali Kanjee

Azizali Kanjee

President / Broker of Record

Joe Mota

Joe Mota

VP Business Brokerage

Irfan Qasim

Irfan Qasim

VP Investments

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